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Palestinian Foreign Ministry: Israel underestimates the convening of the Court of Justice and continues to commit more massacres

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said, “Israel underestimates the convening of the Court of Justice and the international consensus on the protection of civilians, and continues to commit more mass massacres against our people.”

The Ministry explained in a statement issued today, Saturday, that Israel’s persistence in its devastating war on our people is evidence of its failure to respect all international appeals and demands to protect civilians, bring in aid, secure their basic humanitarian needs, and allow the displaced to return to the northern Gaza Strip.

She stressed that what is happening is continuous evidence that these demands and forms of expressing concern and betting on the ethics of the occupation army have become a failure, and do not find deaf ears in the face of the racist mentality of revenge that dominates the leaders of the occupation, which again calls for the continuation of international humanitarian action at the level of the UN Security Council.

And issuing a decision to stop the hysterical war of occupation against the Palestinian people.

She stressed that the continuation of the genocidal war committed by the occupying state against our people for the 99th day in a row constitutes a disregard for any procedures or decisions that the court may resort to.

In this regard, I explained that reports and media agree on a tangible Israeli escalation during those sessions against the displaced, whether in Khan Yunis, the central region, or Rafah, where the occupation army committed 13 massacres during the past 24 hours, killing 151 martyrs and 248 wounded. .

On the other hand, the Ministry condemned the violations and crimes of the occupation forces and settlements in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, including the crime of severe beating and brutal assault that led to the martyrdom of the young man Khaled Al-Zubaidi (19 years old) in the town of Zeita, north of Tulkarm, in light of the continued dismemberment of Disconnecting the West Bank and reoccupying it again, imposing more collective punishments on citizens, and forcing them until now to drive their vehicles on bumpy bypass roads, consuming their effort and time to reach their homes and work centers.

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