Omar El Nagar writes to “Al-Mawq3”: Will we really import Egyptian doctors in the upcoming years?!


It seems like the parliament and among the marginal parties is far from the concerns of freshly graduated doctors and other professionals. Most of the issues and discussions of these parties are unrealistic and media-driven.

discussing specialized topics in education and economics is no longer beneficial without the participation of experts in these fields who have direct contact with the actual problems of youth.

The situation is no longer the same as what the marginal parties are saying about holding a seminar or conference on “the dreams and future of youth.”

The reality is instead depicted by a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine, who posted a short post titled “Egypt without youth doctors” on his personal Facebook account. The medical professor wrote, “Today, while I was at the medical school graduation exam, I asked all students what they planned to do after graduating. The terrifying thing is that 100% of them said they would emigrate, and there was no other response.” Someone said he’s doing a fellowship at international university. Another one said he’s doing equivalency to his certificate. Also, one said he’s contacting with international universities.

If God permits these doctors to relocate, Egypt won’t have any fresh doctors after ten years (except for those who failed to travel due to their lack of expertise and absence of competency). This means that it may come time to import our superior doctors after they leave. This post will be reviewed after 10 years.

The question that is strongly stated and requires serious discussion is: “Are all these distinguished in most of the fields, know about the law passed by parliament about rise the medical risks and emergencies allowance for doctors, which is valued at hundreds of pounds?! Do these youth know that there are parties that speak to themselves, listen to themselves?

When a person who sincerely loves the country reads, he will be confused in front of what the professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine wrote: that the ones who will remain in Egypt as freshly graduate doctors in the future are those who failed in the tests and equivalence of international universities due to their low competence, according to his words. What is also important in the professor’s post is his real question: “Would the day ever come when we import our doctors who’ve emigrated?” These questions should be brought up in parliament as well as at conferences and symposiums where actual topics and issues are discussed by specialized experts.

In my belief, this post, which came from an academic who examines medical students, will pass on to the parliament as it passed another issues and crisises that needed serious discussions. The reality has proven that the majority of members coming from these parties aren’t qualified for these positions at all.

It’s essential that an academic expert voice be heard in this case of doctors, to provide a serious and different perspective from what we hear in parliamentary committees, parties, and talk shows. This is important to ensure that the matter is carefully studied before any decisions are made.

The truth is that the academic and lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine is correct: if we don’t address the demands of these doctors and other distinguished professionals in all fields, we will continue on the same path, and there will come a time when we will have to import the doctors who have emigrated after they have learned in Egypt.

And this issue will be like the issues of importing wheat, oils, and other essential goods that we import.

In brief, the members of the Health Committee in the parliament and the Ministry of Health are responsible either about information in this situation for not realizing its risks to the future of the country, or by neglecting for such situations.

Finally, the disaster in this case is with those in the government who are in charge of the health file and in the legislative committee for health in the parliament, this if we consider their presence and whether they are in contact with the issues.

May God preserve Egypt and its institutions.

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