75 years of occupation and 100 days of genocide, Israel the terrorist state

By Ingy Ashraf,

100 days of genocide, massacres, destruction of house units, starvation, killing innocents, trauma, ethnic cleansing, and the list goes on.

Approximately 11 people get killed every hour in Gaza. More than 24000 people were killed by the Israeli occupation; at least 10000 kids, 6500 women, 120 journalists, and 72 UN employees were killed.

2 million people were internally displaced; 900000 moved to Rafah; more than 60000 Palestinians got wounded during this Israeli war in Gaza; 102 ambulances were damaged; only 6 ambulances are still operating in the whole strip, which means only 6 ambulances are operating for 2 million people; more than 307000 house units were destroyed; and more than 7000 are missing.

In addition to the west bank, the Israeli occupation killed more than 347 and wounded at least 4000.

Israel didn’t only steal Palestinian lands and homes but also murdered countless men and women ,and stole the children’s childhood.

100 days and 75 years of injustice, It didn’t happen on the 7th of October; it all started in 1948. Innocent palestinians are still resisting and standing for their land and freedom.

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