The Minister of Environment has announced 16 projects for NGOs, starting with $600,000, to tackle climate change effects.

At the holding of a national awareness session on the seventh phase (2022/ 26) Egypt’s Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad spoke about Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program. The meeting featured Ministers of Social Solidarity, Youth and Sports, Local Development; NGOs among others. This 16 new projects were approved for funding, and dr Yasmine provided grants.

However, Dr. Yasmine Fouad emphasized another innovative approach which shows the connection between local problems and global environmental threats – Small Grants Program. There are sustainable transport projects, agricultural waste recycling; biogas production and food security initiatives that have been put in place under the program.

The intention of the Ministry is to double its impact in terms of grant funding by undertaking more projects and capitalizing on them.

First, the Minister of Environment in leaded 16 projects in 5 governorates financed by the Small Grants Program to assist local communities achieving sustainable development goals that focus on resources use efficiency for sustainability and resilience against climate change but preserving natural resources for future generations.

The Minister of Environment praised partners along the ministries, UNDP and civil society for collaborating with local communities in running environmental projects using a governance framework.

Themes of continuous collaboration with numerous ministries including Minister Local Development, Ministry Social Solidarity and the ministry youth sport and environment for sustainable development communities.

The Minister commended civil society organizations for their dedication to environmental problems and the National Management Committee’s support in designing action-based projects.

The measures taken by the Minister of Environment in increasing local communities’ capability to implement projects concerning global environmental problems, and between ministries and authorities are welcomed.

Alessandro Fracassetti, UNDP Resident Representative in Egypt presented the Small Grants Program in Egypt as a successful initiative promoting civil society organizations’ role towards preserving biodiversity to moderate climate change and prevent desertification by developing individuals able of addressing environmental challenges globally.

Dr. Emad Adel confirmed that the Ministry’s program funded 400 Small projects in seven phase, Understanding local thinking and actions for global development of our environment.

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