The Minister of International Cooperation attended the signing ceremony for the Agreement on National Initiative to Empower Children between EU and NCCM.

An agreement has been signed between the European Union and the National Council for Childhood & Motherhood aimed at equipping children in Egypt with power.

The initiative, financed by Egypt and the EU is designed to promote child protection services so as build positive behavior among girls and boys in an environment that supports them. It will promote capacity building of stakeholders, assist in supporting the needs of some three hundred children; seventy parents and teachers from four governorates with strengthening a unified training curriculum for child protection service workers.

The minister Rania El Mashat highlighted the significance of Egypt’s relationship with European Union on developmental activities such as human capital investment.

Through the efforts of stakeholders, working alongside the Ministry of International Cooperation to strengthen programs that promote investment in human capital development for youths, girls and women as well as protecting children impact positively on citizens lives but also contribute towards wider nation building.

Minister Rania El Mashat appreciated the second bilateral cooperation program for 2021-27 that supports further collaboration on clean energy, green programs related to investment in human capital investments including education and health as well food security. She focused on the ministry’s efforts at building international cooperation framework for development projects which are regularly reviewed to meet national needs and priorities.

The ambassador Berger brought attention to the collaboration of European Union for decades with National Council for Childhood in regard child protection, disability rights and women’s education. The EU’s supporting for the National Initiative to Empower Children stands indicative of its child-friendly services.

The secretary-general of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, engineer Niveen Osman praised Minister Rania El Mashat with promoting international partnerships for development and signed a protocol to protect child rights through the National Initiative on Empowerment.

The initiative seeks to promote child participation through innovative projects and programs on the basis of “National Initiative for Women Empowerment Do’i”. It supports child rights by providing education, awareness, and community participation that increases the consciousness of social workers and activity teachers. The program also helps child protection services and creates a favorable environment for girls and boys.

Niveen Osman thanked the European Union’s cooperation in implementing an initiative, increasing its implementation level, impact and reaching most beneficiaries; he also expressed a note of gratitude for EU support of National Councilfor Childhood & Motherhood.

The cooperation portfolio worth €1.3 billion is used to promote health, environment, wastewater treatment projects as well as clean energy and gender equality in the EU developmental programs.

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