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In front of a large crowd…the Russian House celebrates the anniversary of the High Dam

By Manal Abdel Fattah

In a majestic scene, the Tchaikovsky Theater at the Russian Cultural Center in Cairo was filled with audiences to celebrate the 64th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone for the construction of the High Dam, in the presence of Murad Gatin, Director of the Russian Cultural Centers in Egypt, Engineer Sabry Al-Ashmawy, President of the High Dam Builders Association, and Counselor Sherif El-Guindy, Chairman of the Beit Al-Aila Forum. And former ministers: Dr. Amr Helmy, Minister of Health, Kamal Abu Aita, Minister of Manpower, former TV head Suzanne Hassan, Sherif Gad, head of the Russian and Soviet University Graduates Association, heads of political parties, and leading writers and journalists. Many guests from Arab brothers also participated, in the presence of a large number of builders of the High Dam. Engineers and technicians came from different governorates, some of them leaning on a crutch or their grandson out of an eagerness to participate, regardless of the health difficulties.

The large audience received the dam builders with loud applause, and Murat Gatin said that the High Dam is at the top of the joint achievements between Russia and Egypt, but today we are building a new dam through the Dabaa project.

Sherif Al-Jundi pointed out to the dam builders that we are proud of you, and it is an honor for Beit Al-Aila to honor you.

Sabry Al-Ashmawy stressed that the dam project is a medal on our chests, and it is a personal achievement for every individual who participated in the construction.

Sherif Gad pointed out the victory of the Egyptian will to complete the construction after the Americans expected Egypt and Russia to fail in completing the dam.

Journalist Muhammad Al-Shafi’i spoke about the dam’s builders, who dealt with the project as if they were building their own home. Al-Shafi’i confirmed that the Soviets stood with us in building the dam and in the tripartite aggression when they issued a warning to the aggressor countries. Al-Shafi’i congratulated the Egyptians on the anniversary of the birth of leader Nasser.

Kamal Abu Aita pointed to the builders of the dam because they are the model that the state must follow in completing its projects.

In a speech by former Minister of Health Helmy Al-Hadidi, he said that the High Dam is the greatest engineering project of the twentieth century.

A documentary film about the historical moments during the diversion of the Nile River was shown in the presence of Presidents Nasser and Khrushchev.

The large audience experienced moments of grief and belonging to the homeland with the various artistic performances that were presented on the stage, including patriotic songs in which adults and children and an Algerian artist participated. The celebration concluded with Counselor Sherif El-Guindy presenting, in the presence of Jatin, Gad and El-Ashmawy, shields for the builders of the High Dam, including engineers and technicians.

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