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Germany: We have provided 211 million euros in humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip since the start of the war

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The German Embassy in Cairo announced the humanitarian aid provided by its country, in cooperation with the European Union, to the residents of Gaza and the West Bank.

The embassy said in a press statement, a copy of which Al-Fajr obtained, that the German government, since October 2023, has doubled the value of humanitarian aid to civilian citizens in Gaza by approximately 140 million euros, bringing the total value of aid to 211 million euros.

According to the statement, Germany remains, even in light of the crisis, the largest donor of humanitarian aid in the Palestinian territories, as he explained that Germany’s efforts are based on three pillars: first, intensive humanitarian relief diplomacy in order to provide the necessary conditions for providing urgent and continuous humanitarian aid to civilian citizens in Gaza, and second. Comprehensive services related to humanitarian aid through the United Nations and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and thirdly, bilateral support in the region.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said: “Because every human life has equal value, we will defend the life of every human being. Therefore, veteran diplomat Dike Potzel was appointed as Special Envoy for Humanitarian Aid in the Near and Middle East, as the Special Envoy’s work falls within international efforts aimed at To alleviate the human suffering of civilians in Gaza.

She added that the Special Envoy follows a consistent diplomacy for humanitarian relief that includes extensive visits to the region. Since October 2023, she has made several visits to Egypt, the Palestinian territories, Israel and Jordan, and has also traveled to Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with the aim of pushing forward the urgent and necessary humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip through communication and cooperation. With relevant parties and United Nations organizations.

She added that among the main topics covered were issues related to the better supply of aid, the use of other crossings, as well as the supply of fuel, and starting a dialogue with partners in the region about the future of Gaza and placing the coastal strip within the framework of a peaceful solution for both parties.

The statement said that the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip is worsening under the most difficult circumstances, and therefore, it is extremely necessary for the United Nations and international humanitarian relief organizations to be supported substantially so that they can provide aid in a coordinated and appropriate manner to the needs in Gaza.

He continued: This principle has proven its feasibility. Thanks to the rapid increase in funds needed for support, it became possible at the beginning of the humanitarian truce to prepare large quantities of relief supplies, especially food supplies, and bring them quickly into the Gaza Strip.

He added: The German Foreign Ministry supports humanitarian aid measures in Gaza and also in the West Bank based on the relief plan developed by the United Nations and the urgent response appeal for Gaza.

The statement issued by the Berlin Embassy in Cairo said that Germany supports international endeavors through specific individual contributions and bilateral cooperation, continuing: “We provide Egypt 2 million euros, and 0.4 million euros to Jordan, to provide the medical devices and medical materials required, for example, to care for patients from Gaza.”

He added: Egypt also receives incubators and respirators for infants, and they are transported via special aircraft flights carried out by the German Armed Forces.

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