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Shukri warns of the consequences of Ethiopia’s unilateral policies that violate the rules of international law

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry participated in the extraordinary session of the Ministerial Council of the Arab League to Support Somalia, which was held today, Wednesday, January 17, in Cairo.

Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, the official spokesman and director of the Public Diplomacy Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that Minister Shukri stressed in his statement the depth and seriousness of Arab interest in the recent developments in the sister country of Somalia, and the readiness to provide it with the necessary support at the official and popular levels, pointing out the push of some lurking parties. To seek in bad faith to slow down the process of successes achieved by the Somali political leadership, out of concern for Somalia’s continued exhaustion in the cycle of security and economic challenges.

The official spokesman added that the Minister of Foreign Affairs referred to Egypt’s previous warning against the consequences of Ethiopia’s unilateral policies that violate the rules of international law, as well as the principles of good neighbourliness, and which aim to work to impose a fait accompli policy without regard to the interests of African governments and peoples, adding that the latest development – with its signing of an agreement on… Access to the Red Sea with the Somaliland region – came to prove the validity of the Egyptian point of view regarding the impact of these movements and policies on the stability of the region and the increase in tension in relations between its countries, as Ethiopia has become a source of chaos in its regional surroundings.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs expressed Egypt’s full support for the sisterly Republic of Somalia, and called on all Arab and international parties to carry out their responsibility in expressing their respect for Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as this is consistent with the main principles of the United Nations Charter, and to reject any measures that would infringe on that sovereignty or the right of the Somali people. The original and exclusive person to benefit from his resources and according to his will in any way.

Minister Shukri also stressed that Egypt will spare no effort in supporting the sisterly state of Somalia in this important circumstance, in connection with the historical relations between the two countries and the depth of the bonds of interdependence at the popular and official levels, as coordination is underway to provide the Somali side with the necessary training and support for its cadres, and in a way that enables it to achieve His sovereignty over his entire territory.

Abu Zeid pointed out that the Minister of Foreign Affairs concluded his speech by appreciating holding today’s meeting, and the clear message that this represents that the Arab countries stand by Somalia in the face of everything that would diminish the sovereignty of an Arab country over its lands, with the necessity of building on that in subsequent steps in various matters. Forums and with concerned parties to express a similar position in compliance with the rules of international law and consistent with the charters establishing those organizations.

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