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Late next February…The Oman Museum Through Time will host an international conference on museum construction

By Manal Abdel Fattah

At the end of next February, the museum is scheduled to host the “Museum Building Conference,” an international conference that will travel the world. The museum will also be on the schedule of visits by participants in the conference, which deals with heritage and tourism, and will soon be organized by the German University and some government institutions.

The museum seeks to target such conferences; He participated in the meeting of the International Council of Museums, which was held in Doha last year, and the Museum Building Conference, which was held in Belgium, with the aim of introducing the museum and finding ways to cooperate with international institutions, and attracting those institutions to hold a group of activities, exhibitions and conferences in the Sultanate of Oman.”
The number of visitors to the Oman Museum over time during the year 2023 reached more than 350,000 visitors, of whom 95% are Omanis, a number that confirms the community’s awareness and the interest of its members in the existence of this distinctive cultural edifice.

There is no doubt that the presence of the museum in the state of Manah, which enjoys a strategic location in the heart of the Al Dakhiliyah Governorate; It gave impetus to the museum, in addition to its proximity to many tourist attractions in the governorate, as visitors come from all governorates on intended trips to the museum and other trips organized by various institutions, and student trips from schools, colleges and universities.

The museum halls transport the visitor on a narrative journey through time that deals with the geological formation of the land of Oman, its history, heritage, modern renaissance, and future vision.

It showcases the Stone Age represented by the early settlers pavilion, the Bronze Age represented by the Majan Civilization pavilion, and the Iron Age represented by the Kingdom of Oman pavilion, in addition to the embracing pavilions. Islam, the Ya’aribah state, the Busaidi state, and this huge amount of content; It attracted all those interested, and the presence of the Sultan’s collection in the museum was a major reason and attraction factor for the Amman Museum throughout time.

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