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Recommending Kuwait as First Vice President of the Arab Broadcasting Union

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Undersecretary of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information, Dr. Nasser Al-Muhaisen, announced the recommendation of Kuwait for the position of First Vice President of the Arab States Broadcasting Union, explaining that the State of Kuwait was nominated for the position of First Vice President of the Union and received the recommendation of all participants who renewed their confidence in the nomination, which is represented by the Advisor to the Minister of Information, Muhammad Al-Awash.

Al-Muhaisen pointed out in a statement on the sidelines of the meetings of the Executive Council and the General Assembly of the Arab States Broadcasting Union, currently held in Tunisia, that this step reflects the great media status of the State of Kuwait with media bodies and organizations, explaining that during the meetings, the annual report of the Union’s achievements and projects that serve the organizations’ service was presented. And media bodies, most notably digital transformation in the field of radio and television.

He added that the strategy of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information and the directives of the Minister of Information, Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi, push towards working to keep pace with technological development and the use of artificial intelligence in the media system.

In another context, Rashid Khattab, Assistant Secretary-General and Head of the Media and Communication Sector of the League of Arab States, participated today in the 43rd session of the General Assembly of the Arab States Broadcasting Union.

In his speech, he said: I am honored to represent the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States in the meetings of the General Assembly, the supreme body of the Union, conveying to you the greetings of the Secretary-General, Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, and his wishes of success for your work.

I also welcome the heads and representatives of the union’s members and affiliates, expressing sincere thanks for the warm reception and generosity of the delegation, noting the appreciated role of the union, which has provided media services in support of Arab issues, most notably the Palestinian issue, for decades.

In this context, I appreciate the efforts of the Union to cover the events of the aggressive Israeli war on the Gaza Strip and the intimidating raids on the people of the towns and cities of the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, stressing that this devastating war demonstrated the extreme importance of confronting the Israeli narrative that deliberately falsifies and obscures the facts, including by resorting to targeting The lives of media professionals are in clear violation of international laws and conventions.

He added that the Union’s efforts contributed to following up on the most prominent events in our Arab region and worked to intensify programmatic exchange, news and sports exchange, and encourage joint media production between member states.

He added that, throughout the decades of this bright professional journey, the Union was keen to launch plans and programs for training and training in the audiovisual field and to establish partnerships at the regional and international levels to share expertise and experiences with several countries and similar organizations. Hence, the practical results of the sixth session of the Arab-Chinese Media Forum in the radio field are presented. The television program, which was held last December in Hangzhou, is a promising model for these diverse partnerships.

He continued: These partnerships are an effective tool for opening up to technological development, achieving the desired digital transformation, and benefiting from artificial intelligence techniques and the benefits and opportunities it provides for the benefit of improving media practice, in connection with the professional, legal, legal, and ethical challenges they raise, especially preserving the nobility of the media message and fortifying its depth. The humanity that remains above all considerations.

The Assistant Secretary-General said: Allow me to recall that the Council of Arab Information Ministers took the initiative to include the issue of artificial intelligence on the agenda of its meetings since the 53rd session held last June in Rabat, and that the media and communication sector, as it looks forward to coordinated collective action in this regard, is confident that the Arab Broadcasting Union will not spare An effort to contribute effectively to qualifying workers in Arab radio and television channels to deal with this new media reality.

He continued that, from this standpoint, we look forward to the recommendations of the media conference in its third edition on the sidelines of this honorable gathering being a qualitative addition to advancing the path of development and innovation for the Arab media system.

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