An Israeli missile strike on Syria’s capital Damascus on Saturday killed four members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

By Ingy Ashraf,

According to Reuters, four-member Iranian Revolutionary Guards contingent member was killed in an Israeli missile strike on Damascus, according to a coalition supporting Bashar al-Assad.
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards reported four military advisers killed in an Israeli attack, targeting a Damascus-based building. Israel, previously targeting Iran-linked targets in Syria, shifted to more lethal strikes following the October 7 attack on Israel. Israeli-linked attack targeted Mazzeh neighborhood in Damascus, with explosions reported in other local media in syria.

A security source claims a multi-story building was used by Iranian advisers supporting Syria’s government, which collapsed under Israeli missiles, as part of a network close to Iran.
Chief physician at Mowasat Hospital in Damascus reported one dead and three wounded patients, including a woman, following a Saturday attack. Despite allegations of Palestinian Islamic Jihad members being injured, operations to remove people from the debris continued.

A Reuters witness in Mazzeh observed ambulances and fire trucks arriving at the location of the attack which had been cordoned off. The operations of removing people hidden under the debris continued during late in the morning. Israel launched a comprehensive war against Gaza in October to destroy Hamas, causing violence in Syria, Lebanon, northern Iraq, and the Red Sea. The conflict has reverberated throughout the Middle East, with Iran’s forces originating in eastern, southern, and northern Syria.

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