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Urgent: The Arab Parliament welcomes the decision of the International Court of Justice, and asserts that the Court should have ordered an immediate ceasefire to ensure the implementation of provisional measures

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Arab Parliament welcomed the decision of the International Court of Justice preliminary jurisdiction to consider genocide crimes committed by the Israeli occupation entity in the Gaza Strip, and its call upon it to take a number of immediate provisional measures aimed at protecting Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, as well as ensuring the immediate provision of urgent humanitarian needs in the Gaza Strip.

The Arab Parliament questioned how any provisional measures would be implemented without a ceasefire, stressing in this context that the International Court of Justice should have issued a decision on an immediate ceasefire and should have described what the occupation is committing as a crime of genocide, notably since these crimes perpetrated by the Israeli occupation entity have been witnessed by the world on a daily basis over nearly four months, and have killed thousands of innocent civilians mostly women and Children.

And while the Arab Parliament expressed thanks to the Republic of South Africa and the countries that have supported it in its lawsuit filed before the Court in advocacy of the Palestinian right, called upon the international community to oblige the Israeli occupation entity to the immediate implementation of all measures contained in the decision of the International Court of Justice, also called upon the UN Security Council to assume its legal and political responsibilities in enforcing the implementation of these measures approved by the highest judicial organ of the United Nations.

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