Egypt supports the International Court of Justice’s decision

By Ingy Ashraf,

Egypt supports the International Court of Justice’s decision to assert its jurisdiction in principle to investigate whether Israel has committed genocide in the Gaza Strip and to seek the execution of a series of urgent emergency measures to protect Palestinians. Most importantly, Israel must stop committing crimes against Palestinians, inflicting them physical or psychological pain and suffering, or putting them in living conditions intended to destroy them physically. In addition, the Court called on Israel to ensure the immediate provision of urgent humanitarian needs in the Gaza Strip.

Egypt confirms that it assumed that the International Court of Justice would call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, as it has done in similar situations.

This would be the essential guarantee for implementing of the required and urgent actions that it has approved to protect Palestinian civilians in the Strip.

Egypt emphasizes the importance of respecting and implementing the decisions of the International Court of Justice.Egypt makes an demand that Israel undertakes to carry out all the actions provided for in the decision of ICJ.

These steps are the first turn of a road leading to enforcing international law, including humanitarian laws concerning application on prevention from harming Palestinian people and stop attacks against them.

These attacks have taken the lives of nearer than 26,000 innocent people two-thirds of whom are women and children.

The Government of Egypt again echoes its request to the Security Council and other influential international coalition parties become aware of their responsibility by specifically demanding permanent ceasefire. Egypt confirms that it will continue to move and communicate with UN agencies as well as international and regional parties in order to end the crisis, prevent any actions aimed at forcibly displacing Palestinians, and ensure that urgent humanitarian and relief aid is delivered to the Gaza Strip in sufficient quantities to fulfill the needs of the Palestinians.

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