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The United States is attempting to prevent the Israeli occupation from getting involved in a ground invasion in Gaza.

According to CNN, the US is attempting to dissuade the Israeli occupation from conducting a ground assault in Gaza Strip. The US doesn’t want the combat to devolve into an urban guerilla war, as it did in Iraq.
By helping the Israeli Defence Forces in developing a variety of alternative strategies to defeat Hamas, US military advisers on the ground in Israel are referring to lessons learned during the Battle of Fallujah in 2004, one of the bloodiest battles in the Iraq War.

Instead of launching a large-scale ground attack on Gaza, which might endanger hostages and civilians also cause regional tensions, US military experts are encouraging Israel to deploy a combination of precise airstrikes and targeted special operations assaults.

They are also relying on strategies that were developed during the US-led coalition campaign to reclaim the Iraqi city of Mosul from the terrorist organization ISIS, which relied heavily on special forces. ISIS like Hamas built tunnels across Mosul and utilized civilians as human shields, and the battle to retake the city was more difficult and longer than was predicted.

To help convey this message, US President Joe Biden’s administration dispatched three-star Marine Corps general to counsel the Israeli army on tactical attack strategy.

General James Glenn, the former commander of the Naval Special warfare Command has vast expertise in urban warfare in Iraq exactly in Fallujah, where he led US troops during some of the bloodiest battles between them and the Iraqi resistance, according to the US officials to CNN.

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