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The Arab Parliament: The decision of some countries to suspend their funding to UNRWA is a humanitarian catastrophe that aggravates the suffering of the Palestinian people and a new shame on the brow of the international community

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Arab Parliament condemned the decision of some countries to suspend their funding to the United Nations relief and works agency UNRWA, claiming the involvement of a number of its staff in the events of October 7, stressing that this decision represents acquiescence to systematic incitement policy of the Israeli occupation entity against UNRWA from being the main humanitarian agency to supply Gaza.

The Arab Parliament underlined that the decision of those countries to temporarily suspend their funding to the agency in these circumstances constitutes a humanitarian catastrophe exacerbating the suffering of the Palestinian people who are subjected to the most heinous forms of genocide crimes, and described this decision as a new stain on the international humanitarian action, and a deliberate restriction to halt the delivery of relief assistance, and a warning to lager humanitarian disaster at this time, and a flagrant challenge to the decision of the International Court of Justice issued last Friday which included ensuring the provision of humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

The Arab Parliament called upon the countries that announced the suspension of their funding to UNRWA to renounce their decision, and called upon the international community to continue and intensify the necessary assistance to the agency to enable it to continue providing its services in Gaza whose people are facing famine and displacement, reiterating that the desperate attempts by the Israeli occupation entity and the countries backing it to cut off humanitarian supplies will not undermine the Palestinian people’s steadfastness and determination to remain in their land.

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