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Secretary of the Palestinian National Council: UNRWA is an international contract until the Palestinian issue is resolved

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Secretary of the Palestinian National Council, Fahmi Al-Zaarir, confirmed that the decision of 10 countries to suspend their aid to UNRWA is collective punishment in the first place, and comes within the framework of seeking to liquidate the issue of refugees, which constitutes the duality of land and man, in the Palestinian national issue, which indicates that attempts to liquidate the Palestinian issue are entering a stage. New.

Al-Zaarir explained that the restrictions imposed on the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees and the rationing of financial aid to it began a long time ago, to keep it in a cycle of self-preoccupation and inability to carry out its tasks, and not linked to an individual event.

Al-Zaarir added that the agency is an international contract in accordance with Resolution 302 adopted at the fourth session of the United Nations General Assembly, 1949. It officially replaced the agency responsible for refugees in 1948, which was established as a result of the Nakba of the same year, adding that the international system at that time traded the establishment of a state. A Palestinian Arab agency at the time will be appointed as a relief and employment agency until it is established and peace is secured, in order to prevent famine and provide security and stability, according to the text of the resolution. This obligates the international community to fulfill its contracts.

Al-Zaarir stressed that the conspiracy against the Palestinian cause, whose main pillar is the refugees, as happened in many camps, from Al-Bared camp to Yarmouk, to the Tulkarm and Jenin camps, will not lead to the end of a phase, but rather to the beginning of new national phases, and that all attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause will not It succeeds, because the people are authentic in their existence and consistent in their defense and attack.

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