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The French Ambassador to Cairo assumes his duties and pledges to strengthen the French-Egyptian partnership

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The French Embassy in Cairo said that Ambassador Eric Chevalier officially assumed his new duties as Ambassador of France to Egypt.

According to a statement issued by the embassy in Cairo, during his professional career as a doctor, Mr. Chevalier served France in many international forums before his work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he worked as director of the Crisis Center and ambassador to many Arab capitals, including Damascus, Doha, and Baghdad.

Mr. Chevalier arrived in Cairo on January 24, 2024, pledging to work on the prosperity of the French-Egyptian partnership, following the path of his predecessors.

The French Ambassador to Egypt, Eric Chevalier, visited the Rafah land border crossing, as well as Al-Arish Hospital.
The French Embassy in Cairo stated, through its account on the “X” platform (formerly Twitter), that the ambassador visited the Rafah crossing, “where hundreds of trucks are still waiting to cross into the Gaza Strip.”
She indicated that France has sent one thousand tons of humanitarian aid, and intends to continue its efforts in this regard.

The French Embassy explained that Ambassador Chevalier also visited Al-Arish Hospital. He exchanged conversations with health care teams and patients who were evacuated from Gaza

The French Ambassador to Cairo, Eric Chevalier, praised its efforts to facilitate the work of the French floating hospital to provide medical and therapeutic services to a number of injured people in the Gaza Strip.

Chevalier said, in television statements, that he thanked the Egyptian authorities at the highest levels, whether the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, and the Egyptian Red Crescent.

He added that through this partnership between Egypt and France at all levels, the necessary support can be provided to those in need of assistance.

He pointed out that there is a huge amount of needs, which makes the partnership between Egypt and France very important in this context.

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