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The Egyptian Ambassador to Australia presents his credentials to the Australian Governor-General

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Ambassador Hani Nagy, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Australia, presented his credentials to Mr. David Hurley, Governor-General of Australia. The credentials presentation ceremony included playing the national anthem of the Arab Republic of Egypt, displaying the honor guard and raising the Egyptian flag in the main square of the Governor-General’s residence.

Following the presentation of the credentials, the Australian Governor-General invited Ambassador Hani Naji to a special session, during which he expressed his aspiration to convey his greetings to the President of the Republic, praising the bilateral relations between the two countries. He also recalled with gratitude the numerous visits he made to Egypt, and his interest in ancient Egyptian antiquities, the Pharaonic civilization, and Egyptian culture. .

For his part, the Egyptian Ambassador conveyed the greetings of the President of the Republic, expressing the Egyptian side’s aspiration to strengthen bilateral relations between Egypt and Australia in various fields in light of the presence of promising opportunities to advance relations between the two countries to new horizons, especially with regard to clean and renewable energy, and interest in revitalizing economic and investment relations.

The meeting also discussed developments in the situation in the Middle East region, where the Governor-General appreciated the pivotal role played by Egypt in defusing the crisis in the Gaza Strip, and reiterated his appreciation for the assistance provided by Egypt in evacuating Australian citizens from the Strip. For his part, Ambassador Hani Naji reviewed the Egyptian positions on all regional and international situations, including the situation in the Gaza Strip, expressing his aspiration to enhance mutual coordination to achieve the common interests of both countries.

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