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The Foreign Minister meets with the US Special Envoy for Humanitarian Affairs in the Middle East

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, the official spokesman and Director of the Public Diplomacy Department at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that Mr. Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs, received Ambassador David Satterfield, the US Special Envoy for Humanitarian Affairs in the Middle East.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman stated that Minister Shukri and the American envoy discussed in detail the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip, the extent of the worsening suffering that the Palestinians experience daily, and the destruction that occurred to the infrastructure, service system, and hospitals in the Strip, as the American envoy was keen to inform Minister Shukri of the results of the communications.

And the movements taken by the American side to support the implementation of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, and assessments were exchanged regarding efforts to implement aid adequately and sustainably in cooperation with UN relief agencies.

Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid revealed that Minister Shukri raised during the meeting the decision of a number of countries to suspend funding provided to UNRWA in the midst of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and its repercussions on the agency’s ability to sustain the provision of its vital services in accordance with its UN mandate to the Palestinians, calling on the American side and the donor countries that suspended their contributions.

Reversing the decision to suspend funding due to its direct impact on the aggravation of human suffering in Gaza, and the necessity of waiting for the results of the internal investigation process of the Agency and the relevant United Nations agencies.

Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid added that the Minister of Foreign Affairs called for the importance of important and influential international parties such as the United States supporting the full implementation of the relevant Security Council and General Assembly resolutions, especially Resolution 2720 and what it includes regarding the role of the international mechanism in facilitating, monitoring and coordinating the entry of aid into the sector.

The Foreign Minister also stressed the need for Israel to commit to implementing the temporary measures imposed by the International Court of Justice to ensure that the urgent needs of the residents of Gaza are met immediately.

For his part, the American envoy appreciated the important role played by Egypt since the beginning of the crisis in providing and delivering humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, and the existing bilateral coordination in this regard, stressing the American side’s keenness to continue consultation and joint work with Egypt to reach the goal of implementing aid to the extent appropriate to the needs of the population. Gaza.

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