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The Spanish Ambassador to Cairo stresses the importance of the ceasefire in Gaza after 3 months of war

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Spanish Ambassador to Cairo, Albaro Iranzo, stressed the importance of a ceasefire in Gaza, noting that in about three months since the outbreak of the crisis in Gaza, more than 26 thousand Palestinians have lost their lives, which requires a ceasefire.

This came during the current ambassador’s visit as part of the European Union delegation to Alexandria, in the presence of a number of ambassadors of European countries accredited to Egypt.

He stressed that the Palestinians have the right to establish their state and for Israel to live in peace alongside the Palestinian state, noting that his country called for the importance of holding a peace conference as soon as possible.

Regarding humanitarian aid to Gaza, the Spanish ambassador said that his country had doubled funding for the Palestinians who needed it most.

For his part, the European Union Ambassador to Egypt, Christian Berger, stressed the close coordination between the European Union and Egypt regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip, referring to the joint statement issued last week at the conclusion of the Association Council meeting between Egypt and the European Union held in Brussels, which included points related to the crisis in the Gaza Strip. Gaza.
The European Union Ambassador referred to the meetings that were held last week in Brussels between the European Union foreign ministers and the foreign ministers of Egypt, Jordan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and also between the European ministers and the Palestinian Foreign Minister, in addition to the European ministerial meeting with the Israeli Foreign Minister in an attempt to find a solution to the ongoing crisis in Gaza. In light of the European Union’s keenness to engage in dialogue with partners in this regard.
He pointed out that the meetings focused on the next steps and the necessity of reaching a political solution and implementing the two-state solution.
Regarding humanitarian aid to Gaza, the European Union Ambassador to Egypt said that the Union stresses the necessity of delivering the necessary humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, expressing his aspiration that a major mission by the United Nations coordinators for humanitarian affairs and reconstruction in Gaza will contribute to increasing the access of aid to the Strip.

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