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Egypt congratulates Kenya on hosting the African Cup of Nations in 2027

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Ambassador Wael Nasr El-Din Attia, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Nairobi, met with Ababu Namuba, Kenyan Minister of Youth Affairs, Creative Economy and Sports, where they discussed ways to enhance bilateral cooperation in the fields of youth, sports and creative economy.

The Egyptian ambassador congratulated the Kenyan minister on the occasion of Kenya’s victory in hosting the African Cup of Nations in 2027, jointly with Uganda and Tanzania, expressing Egypt’s readiness to support Kenyan efforts to deliver the first edition hosted by the countries of the East African region in a distinguished manner.

For his part, the minister stressed with the Egyptian ambassador the importance of establishing legal frameworks to enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries in these areas, during the seventh round of the joint committee between the two countries scheduled to be held this year. The Kenyan Minister expressed his admiration for the Egyptian experience in empowering youth and nurturing sports talents, pointing to the desire of Kenya, where youth represent more than 75% of the population, to benefit from Egyptian expertise in this context, and to develop the Kenyan government program for nurturing talents, as well as exchanging experiences between… The National Youth Center in Kenya and the National Academy for Training and Transferring the Egyptian Experience in the Presidential Program to Qualify Youth for Leadership.

The Kenyan Minister also thanked Egypt for its support for Kenya’s bid to host the African Cup of Nations in 2027, in partnership with Tanzania and Uganda. He expressed his aspiration for Egyptian companies to contribute to developing the sports infrastructure in his country in preparation for the tournament, and to hold training camps alternately in the two countries to develop various sports capabilities and skills, which was welcomed by Nasr El-Din, pointing out the possibility of Egyptian players benefiting greatly from training camps in Kenya in sports. Which requires the development of high endurance, in light of the tangible impact of the elevation of Kenyan lands on the superiority of Kenyan runners in athletics, especially the medium and long distance races. He stressed the importance of investing in sports as an essential factor in bringing people together in the Nile Basin countries.

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