UN: Gaza humanitarian system is collapsing, I call for help to arrive

By Mary Nady

Cairo News Channel said in breaking news that United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that the humanitarian system in the Gaza Strip is on the verge of collapse and I called for humanitarian aid to arrive quickly and without hindrance.

Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip has continued since October 7 last year. In addition to the destruction of buildings and roads, thousands of people have been martyred and tens of thousands injured.

The health system in the Gaza Strip is facing a very difficult situation. First of all, the ambulance system has almost collapsed. The Israeli occupation has destroyed about 108 ambulances and 11 of the 36 hospitals are partially operational.

The occupying forces had previously attacked most hospitals in Gaza and the north, abusing medical staff, displaced people, the sick and wounded, and arresting 34 medical staff.

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