Starlink for Gaza: Calls on all social media platforms to give network access to Gaza residents are the trend

Translated by Ingy Ashraf,

“#starlinkforgaza” hashtag trending on social media, it’s a demand by social media users for telecoms companies to open the coverage of Egyptian phone networks to Gaza Strip after the service was completely cut off in the Strip. The hashtag “#Egyptianphonenetworks” also trended on the “X” platform.
According to Palestinian media, Israeli occupation authorities have totally cut off Gaza’s internet and electricity. At the same time, media sources stated that Israeli soldiers had begun ground attacks on the Strip and heavy attacks on the entire Strip.
This is confirmed by the announcement of the Government Media Office in Gaza about the interruption of communications and the internet in the Strip, adding that the Government Information Office in Gaza said the Israeli occupation cut off communications to commit massacres, adding that it is carrying out “air, ground, and sea bombardment. Bloody revenge is the most violent since the start of the war on Gaza City, the beach camp, and all areas of the northern Gaza Strip.
According to the media office, Israel cut off communications in preparation for “doing more massacres” away from the eyes of the world, while the Israeli occupation confirmed the expansion of its ground operations tonight with heavy and intensive attacks, the most brutal since the war began on the 7th of this month.
The Palestinian Al-Aqsa channel reported that the Israeli army is increasing its air, sea, and land bombing in all regions of Gaza in an unprecedented manner and that this is happening concurrently with the complete cutoff in communications throughout the Strip.
According to the “NetBlocks” observatory, which monitors internet access, internet connectivity in the Gaza Strip has collapsed, noting that “live data shows the collapse of network connectivity in the Gaza Strip amid reports of heavy bombardment.”

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