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The Gaza War.. How does it affect the chances of candidates in the American elections?

Translated by Ayaa shabeb

The current conflict between Israel and Hamas has cast wide-ranging implications for the Republican Jewish Coalition meeting, to be held on Saturday, where Republican candidates for the US presidential election, including the most likely candidate, Donald Trump, will address major Republican “Jewish donors”in Las Vegas, at the rally seeking to Confirming firm commitment. By “destroying Hamas’ capabilities.”

According to Agence France-Presse, donors and voters attending the Republican “Jewish Coalition”meeting will examine the extent of support for Republican candidates in the Israeli presidential elections, given the impact of the ongoing conflict in Gaza.
This comes at a time when observers and analysts said in statements to “Sky News Arabia” that the current conflict in the Middle East has a wide resonance in the battle of the candidates for the White House during the presidential elections next year, while they considered that the end of the current war will largely determine the candidate. The most fortunate, given the momentum it will gain depending on developments in the situation.

Who do major donors vote for?
The Republican “Jewish Coalition’s “donor pool has gained increasing importance as Israel advances its war on the Gaza Strip, following a surprise attack by Hamas on October 7.
While support for Israel is a hallmark of American Republican politics, about 1,500 donors gathered in Las Vegas will look for tougher support, at a time when Israel faces mounting criticism from human rights groups over its air strikes in Gaza.
Organizers said on social media that “the eyes of the world will be focused” on the march.
The eight contenders for the Republican Party nomination will speak during a rally organized over the weekend, and among them, all eyes will be on Donald Trump, who is leading in the opinion polls, and on his closest rival, Florida Governor “Ron DeSantis”

Reuters quoted Matt Brooks, CEO of the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington, as saying, “In 2020, we raised and spent more than $10 million to help Trump obtain the largest share of the Jewish vote in history (…) and we plan to do the same, if not.” “More than that, with our candidate this year to help him win the election.”
In contrast, the New York Times considered Joe Biden’s trip to the Middle East and his broader handling of the war to be a “promotional opportunity” in an attempt to re-elect him again in the upcoming elections.
According to the newspaper, some Democrats warned that if Biden continued his strong support for Israel, he would bear the blame if many of the party’s voters believed that Israel responded to the Strip too forcefully.
Support for Israel is considered a fundamental issue for both major parties in the United States, and it is an important foreign policy issue capable of bringing about change at the ballot box, based on the large number of Jewish voters. In addition, support for Israel is considered an important issue for Christian voters. Evangelicals.

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