Gold prices in Egypt during Sunday morning trading

Translated by Ayaa shabeb

Gold prices in Egypt stabilized during morning trading on Sunday, as the price of a gram of 21 carat gold was the most common in Egypt, recording 2,560 pounds for sale and 2,580 pounds for sale.

We monitor for you the prices of gold in Egypt today, as follows:

The price of 18 carat was 2,194 pounds for sale and 2,211 pounds for purchase.

The record price for 21 karat was 2,560 pounds for sale, and 2,580 pounds for purchase.

24 caliber records 2926 pounds for sale and 2949 pounds for purchase

The gold pound recorded a level of 20,480 pounds for sale, and 20,640 pounds for purchase.

Gold prices in Egypt vary according to the manufacturing price, which varies from one store to another. The average price of workmanship and stamping in goldsmiths’ shops ranges between 100 and 130 pounds, depending on the type of gold karat, as well as according to goldsmiths’ shops, from one governorate to another, and from one merchant to another.

It usually represents a percentage ranging between 7% and 10% of the price of a gram of gold, and the higher the percentage of metals present, the lower the carat. An ounce, which weighs 31.1 grams, is used as a unit of weight for jewelry and bullion.

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