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The Ambassador of Ukraine in Cairo: The war affects the global economic situation and food markets in Africa

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Ukrainian ambassador to Cairo, Mykola Nahor, announced that their number was 1,000 thousand pounds, in addition to thousands of wounded.

The ambassador said during a press conference held at the Ukrainian embassy, ​​on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of the Russian structures: I do not think that Russia will stop this war, noting that the number of soldiers participating in the war amounts to 500,000 fighters.

The president continued: The missiles and missiles used in this war cannot be manufactured and hosted. Some of these missiles were delivered from Ukraine within a joint one.

He explained that the war with Moscow began ten years ago after I hid on Ukrainian territory, and that Ukraine is suffering from this war and is exposed to a large economic, demographic and vacancy problem that cannot be counted.

The representative said: These smaller numbers also decreased in countries throughout the world, and food and the level of humanity also increased, and the war quickly contributed to economic development at the world level and food markets in Africa after all Brazilians were integrated.

Benjamin said that it would be sufficient for the entire Ukrainian territory, after Ukraine liberated the land, pointing out that it would try to recruit mercenaries from Arab countries.

Regarding relations between Egypt and Ukraine, the ambassador explained that Vietnam used to be Egypt’s writings and iron, but agricultural lands decreased after the war. Then, two years ago, Egypt was the destination of Ukrainian tourism, and its translation amounted to between one billion and one billion dollars.

Hence, as we recorded a result to Ukraine last year with a total of 300 million US dollars, economic and trade cooperation continued.

Regarding Al-Masry – for a long time, the ambassador said: Egypt has strategic interests with Russia, and we do not respect this interest, and Egypt also respects the Ukrainian interest.

The animals leave for Russia through the advice of “sea transportation of grain” and Ukraine continues to export grain abroad to needy countries without dealing with it.

Ambassador Beni, Ukraine needs to build airspace and interviews if 16, in order to defend itself.

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