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Benjamin Netanyahu: No one warned me about Hamas and the intelligence services are responsible

Translated by Ingy Ashraf,

On Saturday night, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied receiving any warnings about the Hamas movement’s intention to launch an attack on Israel, blaming the intelligence services for failing to predict the movement’s surprise and unprecedented attack on October 7.
Netanyahu thread on his official “X” account: All intelligence agencies thought previous wars had deterred Hamas and it was heading towards a settlement.
He claimed that this intelligence analysis was provided to him and small security cabinet on multiple times until the beginning of the war.
According to the daily “Haaretz,” Netanyahu is holding the intelligence services responsible for their failure to predict the attack, specifically the Israeli Military Intelligence Branch “AMAN,” its head Aharon Haliva, and Ronen Bar, the head of the General Security Service “Shin Bet.”
On Saturday evening, Netanyahu conducted his first press conference since the beginning of the war, with the participation of ministers from the war cabinet, which was formed following the start of the battle with Hamas.

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