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The Ambassador of Ukraine in Cairo: Our country is exposed to an economic and demographic tragedy and great losses that cannot be counted

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Ukrainian ambassador to Cairo, Mykola Nahorny, announced that the number of deaths among the Russian army during the war on Ukraine so far has reached 400,000 dead, in addition to hundreds of thousands of wounded.

The ambassador said during his statements in a press conference held at the headquarters of the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of the Russian attacks: I do not think that Russia will stop this war, pointing out that the number of Russian soldiers participating in the war is 500,000 fighters.

The ambassador continued: Russia manufactures the missiles and missiles used in this war, adding that some of these missiles were delivered from Ukraine as part of one of the agreements.

He explained that the war with Moscow began ten years ago after the Russian aggression on Ukrainian lands, and that Ukraine is suffering as a result of this war and is exposed to an economic and demographic tragedy and great losses that cannot be counted.

The ambassador said: These losses are also losses to countries of the whole world, economically, in food security, in energy, and on the humanitarian level as well, stressing that the war affected the global economic situation and food markets in Africa after Russia violated all agreements.

He announced that Russia aims to occupy all of Ukrainian territory, while Ukraine aims to liberate the land, noting that Russia is trying to recruit mercenaries from Arab countries.

Regarding relations between Egypt and Ukraine, the ambassador explained that his country used to export wheat and iron to Egypt, but agricultural lands decreased after the war. Two years ago, Egypt was an important destination for Ukrainian tourism, and trade exchange between the two countries reached one billion dollars.

He added that Egyptian exports to Ukraine increased last year, reaching $300 million, and economic and trade cooperation will continue.

Regarding the recent Egyptian-Russian rapprochement, the ambassador said: Egypt has strategic interests with Russia, and we respect these interests, and Egypt also respects Ukrainian interests.

He pointed to Russia’s withdrawal from the “Black Sea Grain Transport” initiative and Ukraine’s continued export of grain abroad and helping countries in need for free.

The ambassador announced that Ukraine needs an air defense system and F-16 interviews, in order to continue defending itself.

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