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In response to the letter addressed by the Arab Parliament on the catastrophic situation in Gaza, the Inter-Parliamentary Union Committee on Middle East Questions is examining the calls of the Arab Parliament

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The President of the Arab Parliament H.E. Mr. Adel bin AbdulRahman AlAssomi, has received an official letter from the Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Mr. Martin Chungong, in response to his letter addressed on 29 January 2024, in which he drew attention to the disastrous humanitarian consequences of the protracted conflict in Gaza, stressing that the IPU through its Committee on Middle East Questions has examined the Arab Parliament’s letter and calls as well as its previous letters on Palestine, where the Committee reiterated the appeal of the Arab Parliament and the IPU for immediate and unimpeded humanitarian access to the Gaza Strip and it appealed to IPU Member Parliaments to work with their governments and other entities to that end, and the Committee called for the immediate cessation of hostilities and implored the global parliamentary community to concentrate its efforts on stopping further bloodshed.

The President of the Arab Parliament appreciates the rapid response of the IPU to its calls for a cessation of war and escalating and continued bloodshed, and for countering the crimes of the Israeli occupying entity, and he looks forward to the prompt response of other national, international and regional parliaments he has addressed to work toward an immediate ceasefire and to stop the genocidal war perpetrated by the Israeli occupation entity against the Palestinian people.

The President of the Arab Parliament emphasized that the Arab Parliament continues to play its role in supporting the Palestinian people in all fora and at all regional and international levels until they achieve their legitimate rights primarily the establishment of their independent State with the city of Jerusalem as its capital.

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