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The French Ambassador to Cairo inaugurates the new visa issuance center in Sheikh Zayed

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The French Ambassador to Cairo, Eric Chevalier, stressed the depth of the cooperation relations between France and Egypt in various fields, describing them as “strong and dynamic,” which is reflected in the close coordination between President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and French President Emmanuel Macron.

In statements on the sidelines of the opening of the new visa issuance center in Sheikh Zayed, the French ambassador referred to the phone call that took place a few days ago between Presidents Sisi and Macron, as well as the recent visit made by the new French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Stephane Ségournet, to Cairo, where he was keen that Egypt would be The first destination on his tour in the Middle East.

Chevalier stressed the existence of a strong political dynamic between the two countries, pointing out that he had been assigned, as his country’s new ambassador to Egypt, to work to maximize relations between Cairo and Paris in all fields, including facilitating the travel of citizens between the two countries, which is an important matter for bringing about rapprochement between peoples.

Regarding the situation in Gaza, the French ambassador stressed the convergence of the positions of Cairo and Paris regarding the major crisis in the Strip, pointing to the French statements and positions related to the situation in the Strip that are very similar to the Egyptian position.

Chevalier explained that the opening of the visa issuance center in Sheikh Zayed would provide better services, making things easier for visa applicants, and this falls within the framework of the dynamic relations between Egypt and France.

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