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Russian Ambassador to Cairo: We wage a defensive and just war and do not demand what belongs to others

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Ambassador Georgy Borisenko, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Cairo, said that in recent days, many Western politicians and diplomats made statements in which they said that February 24 marks two years since the start of the Russian special military operation, continuing: “But they just forgot to mention that the war that… It was waged by the criminal regime in Kiev against the Russian people, instigated and supported by the West, and has been going on for ten years.”

​​The ambassador added in a speech he delivered on the occasion of the second anniversary of the launch of the Russian military operation to protect Donbass: “Combat operations did not begin in 2022, but in fact they began in 2014, when the Ukrainian neo-Nazis tried to attack the Crimean Peninsula, began bombing Donbass, and burned Civilians in the city of Odessa alive.”

He continued: “For eight years in a row, the bloody executioners killed women and children with impunity and complete indifference from Western leaders, just as is the case now in the Gaza Strip, until Russia intervened in this war to defend the people of Donbass.”

The Russian ambassador said: “We are waging a defensive and just war, and we are not demanding what belongs to others, but we are defending the land of our ancestors and the lands of the united Russian people from degenerates like Zelensky, who have forgotten their roots and betrayed their ancestors and praise a villain like Hitler, and are working on orders from Washington, which… Arm them and push them to commit new crimes, and they can continue shedding blood for a long time, but the hour of retribution will come.”
The ambassador added: “Tests and difficulties only make Russia stronger, including the nearly 20,000 sanctions imposed on us that have greatly helped us strengthen our military and industrial capabilities.”

He stressed that the United States and Europe, which imposed these sanctions, stimulated the development of Russian technologies and provided us with a great service, while at the same time harming their economies, contrary to their expectations.
The ambassador added: The West has increasingly been forced to acknowledge its impotence, and that its influence in the world continues to decline steadily. Moreover, the West itself is constantly distorting its reputation with clear double standards, and the behavior of the American Biden administration in light of the new tragedy of the Palestinian people is a living example. On that.
He continued that despite NATO threats, Russia continues to systematically achieve the tasks of the special military operation, adding: “The historical right is with Russia, and our weapons are better, and the Russian army is strong and experienced, and the Nazi rabble, which Western countries love so much because they made… With Nazism in their hands, they will be swept away from Russian lands, and the West itself must know its place and remember that the days of its colonial rule are over.”

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