Reuters, Biden says Israel has agreed to stop the attacks in Gaza in Ramadan.

By Ingy Ashraf,

Joe Biden said Israel has agreed to suspend military operations in Gaza during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, while Hamas evaluated a draft proposal for a truce that includes halt fighting and prisoners-hostages exchange.

According to the senior source, the draft proposal calls for exchanging Palestinian prisoners for Israeli hostages at a 10 to one ratio.

The initial draft proposal, according to a senior source close to truce talks in Paris, would allow hospitals and bakeries in Gaza to be restored and 500 relief trucks to enter the ravaged enclave every day, marking the first serious move in weeks to halt the violence that began in October last year.

On the other hand, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, has rejected a two-state solution.

Biden said, “Ramadan is coming up, and there’s been an agreement by the Israelis that they would not engage in activities during Ramadan, as well, in order to give us time to get all the hostages out.” Biden also stated, “There are too many innocent people that are being killed. And Israel has slowed down the attacks in Rafah.” He emphasized,the risk of Israel losing international support due to high Palestinian death toll and pledged to allow Palestinians to evacuate from Rafah before intensifying Hamas campaign.

He is hoping for a ceasefire by next Monday. Israel launched a ground attack on Gaza,killing almost 30000 Palestinians, according to Gaza health officials.

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