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The Embassy of Venezuela in Cairo celebrates the 32nd anniversary of National Dignity Day

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Embassy of Venezuela in Cairo organized a celebration of the thirty-second anniversary of February 4, 1992, the Day of National Dignity, as a dialogue session between Ambassador Wilmar Omar Barrientos, the Venezuelan Ambassador in Cairo, and representatives of solidarity groups from political parties, journalists and media professionals, in order to clarify the importance of the event in the contemporary history of Venezuela. Its influence on Latin America and the world.

During his speech, the Ambassador said: Exactly 20 days ago, we gathered in Venezuela to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of National Dignity Day, February 4, 1992, and today I would like to pay tribute once again to this extremely important date in Venezuela’s contemporary history.

On February 4 of that year, a military revolution led by the eternal leader Hugo Chavez shook the antiquated structures of Venezuela’s two-party system of control, which constituted the representative democracy that dominated Venezuelan political life from 1958 to 1998, that is, until the electoral victory of the leader and the beginning of the Bolivarian Revolution. .

With February 4, the hope of a people who had been excluded from the distribution of national wealth throughout history was reborn, a people who had already risen with the popular uprising that occurred on February 27, 1989, but who found in the revolution of young soldiers support and light to seize for the first time the reins of political power in Venezuela.

This insurrection movement was inspired by the ideas and ideals of Simón Bolívar, the principles of his great mentor Simón Rodriguez, and the power of the popular federalist leader Esquiel Samora, which served as historical guidelines for putting an end to the unstable situation of a representative system far removed from the needs of the vast majority, where attention was paid to With party grants and privileges, the Venezuelan people were deprived of their basic rights in a country endowed with enormous resources, the benefits of which were entirely allocated to a minority working to serve imperialist interests.

The events of February 4 dealt a fatal blow to modern forms of liberalism in Venezuela, providing a light of hope for all Latin American peoples subject to coercively imposed free trade measures. Six years later, the Bolivarian Revolution demonstrated the possibility of reconsolidating state well-being and progress to help historically excluded people and to focus public policies on human protection.

There is no doubt that with February 4, an irreversible process began in order to give fundamental priority to the care of those who were forgotten in the world, as it was a heroic and noble act in favor of promoting social inclusion against the imposed measures of modern liberalism, injustice and inequality.

As a very important historical event, February 4 marked the beginning of the Bolivarian Revolution and the emergence of the leadership of Commander Chavez, whose work President Nicolas Maduro Moros continues to maintain the steady path of building Bolivarian socialism, a socialist homeland in the 21st century, with equity and social justice inspired by the legacy of the Father of the Nation Simón Bolivar.

Since February 4, Venezuelan society has undergone a profound transformation, and today it is a global reference for peoples struggling for equality, justice and the sovereign right to self-determination freely without any colonial interference from outdated hegemonic centers of power.

Dear Colleagues, I would like to take this opportunity to address the highlights of recent events in Venezuela, paying particular attention to the annual administrative message submitted to the National Assembly by the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, His Excellency Mr. Nicolás Maduro Moros, and to the revocation of the political eligibility of Ms. María Corina Machado.

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