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The Chinese Cultural Center holds an art exhibition in the New Administrative Capital

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Dr. Nevin Al-Kilani, Minister of Culture, and Sami Yang Ronghao, Cultural Advisor at the Chinese Embassy in Egypt, and Director General of the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo, opened an art exhibition at the Ministry’s headquarters in the New Administrative Capital entitled “The Future Begins Here,” which includes artistic paintings displaying a depiction of fifty Chinese and Egyptian children for the capital. New administrative.

The exhibition is the result of the cooperation of a large number of institutions of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and other institutions.

In 2023, the Egyptian Ministry of Culture carried out cooperation between the Academy of Arts, the Supreme Council of Culture, the National Center for Children’s Culture, the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo, and many other parties, including the Chinese General Engineering Company, The Department of Gifted and Smart Learning, affiliated with the Directorate of Education in Cairo, announced a competition for children’s drawings in Egypt and China about the joint cooperation between the two countries in the new administrative capital, which received great interest and the participation of a large number of Chinese children.

Dr. Nevin Al-Kilani directed the Foreign Cultural Relations Sector and the Fine Arts Sector that this activity be one of the first cultural activities organized in cooperation with foreign diplomatic missions operating in Egypt with the aim of introducing the world to this Egyptian achievement, and that the Office of the Ministry of Culture in the Administrative Capital provide renewed cultural content to its employees and those who are hesitant. On him and those working in the surrounding ministries.

The exhibition depicts the close friendship between China and Egypt through a joint space for cooperation, which is the New Administrative Capital. Since ancient times, Chinese and Egyptian civilizations have been a model of harmony and interaction, and although each of them is distinguished by special features, they share in their rich contribution to human civilization throughout history.

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