Egypt and Qatar signed a MoU in Social Affairs.

By Ingy Ashraf,

According to ministry of social affairs, MoU was signed between the Egyptian Ministry of Social Affairs and the Qatari Ministry of Social Development and Family during the fifth session of the Egyptian and Qatari Joint Higher Committee in Doha.

Women protection and empowerment the two side are willing to discuss about economic, social, and cultural issues related to women, including visiting Women’s Shelter and Guidance Center as well as Working Women’s Service Project.

People with disabilities:Both countries will sign twin agreements, as well as workshops on social care and inclusion, share experiences, and sign a similar agreement for disabled care.

Productive families:both sides will try to attract productive families to join the social protection system and formal sector, carry out workshops, develop data bases, organize exhibitions, and plan joint expositions in order to showcase products of families, hold discussions, give support to families and women.

Childhood:the two countries will engage in research, education, and policy formulation in childhood including alternative care, deinstitutionalization, small homes and sponsorship systems. They will have bilateral meetings in order to discuss child protection policies.

Elderly care:Two countries will hold bilateral talks to sign twinning agreements, hold workshops on aging policies, exchange visits, seminars, conferences, and study days, in order to achieve unification of aging care concepts, and implementation of Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging.

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