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Bulgarian Ambassador to Cairo: The war on Gaza led to a massive humanitarian crisis that affected Egypt

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Bulgaria’s ambassador to Cairo, Dejan Katrachev, said that just a week ago marked the two-year anniversary of the Russian armed forces starting their “illegal” war against Ukraine.

The ambassador added that the invasion, which actually began in 2014, is considered a threat to security and global order, stressing that Bulgaria has not wavered in its support for Ukraine and will continue to support it no matter what it takes, and will even do everything in its power to support Ukraine in its defense of its freedom until it is achieved. Just peace.

This came in his speech, delivered on Sunday evening, during the Bulgarian Embassy’s celebration of National Day, in the presence of a group of dignitaries, ambassadors and diplomats accredited to Egypt.

The ambassador added: This war has caused shock waves that affected Africa and Egypt in particular. Therefore, Bulgaria strongly supports and participates in the “solidarity” corridors to facilitate food exports from Ukraine to the world via various land and sea routes. We have united our efforts with Romania and Turkey to secure Egypt. An alternative across the Black Sea, so that the world’s food supplies remain affordable.

The ambassador pointed out that, on another tragic level, the war in Gaza led to a massive humanitarian crisis that affected Egypt and the region, continuing: We appreciate the tireless efforts made by the Egyptian authorities to calm the situation, secure the arrival of humanitarian aid, release hostages, and prevent the spread of instability in the region, and we support All initiatives aimed at restoring the political horizon towards a two-state solution.

The ambassador added that the conflict in Sudan is another crisis that places an additional burden on Egypt and the region, continuing: The human suffering was enormous during the first weeks following the outbreak of the conflict, and this had an extremely difficult impact on the Sudanese-Bulgarian families in Sudan.

He continued: I take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the relevant Egyptian authorities for their effective assistance in facilitating the evacuation of Bulgarian citizens and their families from Gaza and Sudan. I also extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the government of Sudan for its cooperation in evacuating Bulgarian nationals from Sudan.

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