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America’s Deputy Ambassador highlights the US government’s efforts in the social and economic empowerment of Egyptian women

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The third edition of the Egyptian Women’s Summit was launched under the patronage of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, with the participation of senior executive leaders of companies and institutions, senior government officials, representatives of the private sector, international organizations, high-level women leaders, and university students.

According to a statement issued by the US Embassy in Cairo, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Cairo, Evenia Sideris, participated in a panel discussion entitled “Global Changes and the Enabling Environment,” where she addressed the importance of empowering Egyptian women in the country’s development and highlighted the Egyptian-American partnership in Lots of areas.

Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Cairo, Evenia Sideris, said: I would like you to highlight the US government’s efforts in the social and economic empowerment of Egyptian women. It is a great honor for me and a great honor for the United States to support Egypt in its broader efforts to promote the comprehensive empowerment of women and girls as we think about Implementing Vision 2030 and beyond.

She continued: What I want to emphasize is that when we think about any American cooperation in Egypt, we think about the issue of empowering women and girls in every sector.

Sideris said that Egypt is in a very thorny position with many conflicts on the borders, and Egypt has a leadership role in diplomacy and conflict resolution, so, in all areas, any initiative we think about, we think about this partnership and how women and girls can play an important role, so when We invest, we want to invest in the professional development of women and girls in forums like this summit that was developed here, and we want to think about what can be done to allow Egyptian women to participate fully in civic and economic life.

She added: It is a pleasure to see Egyptian women in the halls of power, in leading business positions, making decisions, and making sure that the broader needs of society are taken into account, perhaps not just in the way we have set priorities in the past, but by bringing a new perspective to things. .

She continued: Naturally, this is a challenge for us in America as well. We are very proud here. Our ambassador to Egypt is a very distinguished ambassador and a woman, but only 30% of female ambassadors in the United States are women, so we still have a lot of work to do. We know that Egypt is working hard to help advance more women into these important positions.

She explained that in addition to the broader commitment to looking at women’s empowerment and all our development programs here in all areas, we are working with the private sector and with the government to improve the business environment and expand access to bank and non-bank financing, guidance and skills to develop, entrepreneurship programs, we know that there is a lot So much potential and so many really talented young Egyptian women and girls.

She added: They can do a lot with more skills, more communication, with less money, and in partnership with the government. Continue: I really applaud Vision 2030, which is about the private sector and helping to ensure that women are able to play this kind of role in the economy, and in all areas, Everywhere Egypt needs to play a greater leadership role, it creates good-paying jobs.

She added: In the field of entrepreneurship, the Egyptian government has focused greatly on women’s involvement, women’s economic empowerment, as well as business development, adding that the focus on supporting women’s empowerment is part of our goal and determination to help Egypt and its goal become more inclusive and strong.

Participating in the session were Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation; Dr.. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development; Dr.. Maya Morsi, President of the National Council for Women; Dr. Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity; Dr.. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment; Ambassador Soha Gendy, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs; Ambassador Christian Berger, President of the European Union, also participated in the session.

The United States, through the United States Agency for International Development, is sponsoring this event through the Women’s Economic and Social Empowerment Program, in partnership with the National Council for Women and the European Union. Through this sponsorship, the United States Agency for International Development is providing working sessions on financial inclusion and social empowerment for women during the summit.

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