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Putin announces the launch of the World Youth Festival in Russia

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of the 20th edition of the World Youth Festival in the city of Sochi, with the participation of 20,000 young people representing 187 countries.

Putin said in a video message on conference call, “The World Youth Festival in Sochi will provide the opportunity for the world’s youth to communicate with each other and present themselves as builders of the future and forces supporting human development among peoples through the youth category.”

The Russian Cultural Center in Cairo stated, in its statement today, that the World Youth Festival in Sochi will include various activities and events, seminars and various topics in economics, science, technology, culture, arts, sports, information competitions, and sports competitions.

The opening ceremony witnessed a global display of the latest technologies, in the presence of a large number of official figures from countries around the world. The show relied on the latest technology to dazzle and create, with the participation of a number of artists and specialists from Russia at a high level.

The large square – which receives thousands as part of the festival’s organization – also includes several buildings for each of the Russian Federation’s republics, to present its own culture and popular food that is also specific to this republic.

The 20th session of the World Youth Festival in Sochi comes with distinguished Egyptian participation from a delegation consisting of 126 young men and women headed by Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports Abdullah Al-Batash, and Deputy Head of the Delegation Sherif Gad, President of the Egyptian Association for Graduates of Russian and Soviet Universities and Director of Cultural Activity at the Russian Cultural Center.

The Egyptian delegation includes a distinguished group of young people in terms of proficiency in foreign languages, modern technology, the ability to communicate with the youth of the world, and distinguished personal abilities and skills, which impressed the delegations from the first day of interaction and communication between the Egyptian delegation and the youth of the world.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Batash, head of the delegation, stated that what distinguishes the Egyptian delegation is the teamwork, discipline, and precision in organizing our program, by dividing the delegation into different work groups to interact and be present in all the festival sites, so that Egypt’s name will be distinguished in all events.

Sherif Gad, deputy head of the delegation, said that there are requests from Russian provinces, such as Penza Province and Volgograd Province, to hold joint meetings with the Egyptian delegation, and we welcomed this, and coordination is underway to organize these events.

Gad explained that there is also a cultural and artistic program that Egypt will be keen to present through the participation of a group of distinguished Egyptian artists under the supervision of composer and singer Mohamed Ezzat.

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