It’s time to support local products

Written by Ingy Ashraf,

Since we are boycotting international products that support Israeli occupation, it’s time to support local products, so here are some local snacks that are alternative and better than the international snacks and we should support.

Corona chocolate is a brand of chocolate manufactured in Egypt by the Alexandria Confectionery & Chocolate Company, its high quality and delicious taste.

Spiro Spathis soda drink is the first Egyptian soda drink since 1920 and it’s available in many flavors.

El Shamaadan, an Egyptian company, produces popular Katakito biscuits and many other high quality biscuits products.

El Arosa tea an Egyptian brand, specializes in black tea, offering a high-quality and affordable price.

Breadfast Chips is a popular Egyptian brand they made kettle cooked potato chips, made from premium ingredients and available in various flavors.

Kayy vegan protein puffs are a perfect snack for anyone seeking for a plant-based, high-protein snack, making them a perfect healthy snack.

All these products and more are 100% Egyptian, with high quality and reasonable prices. They are also available in most markets and kiosks.

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