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How does China plan to achieve 5% GDP growth in 2024? GD Today answers

By Manal Abdel Fattah

China has set its economic growth target of about 5 percent in 2024, according to a government work report submitted today to the China Deliberation Commission.

It then created more than 12 million urban jobs with the urban employment rate surveyed at about 5.5 percent overall, according to the Government Employment Report.

China will continue to implement an independent and prudent fiscal policy, while the green light to local administrative authorities will remain at 3 percent, and the government deficit will increase by 180 billion yuan compared to the 2023 budget.

China will export 3.9 trillion yuan of domestic aggregates in 2024, 100 billion yuan last year.

He also said that China will issue a special issue for a very long period of time every year and is still seeking to implement its security capability project in key areas, and has begun to issue such and can enable public work.

A lack of demand for orientation is reported among all colleges.

And who will schedule a 5 percent local fire rate in 2024?

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