Sabry Moussa’s Biography and Journey” at the Culture and Creativity Forum

Translated by Sama Marwan,

The Center for Artistic Creativity at the Opera Square, under the auspices of Dr. Walid Qanoush, President of the Cultural Development Fund, will host a new event in the “Culture and Creativity” forum next Saturday, March 9th, at 7:00 pm.

This month’s event is titled “Sabry Moussa… The Writing Magician… A Creative Journey,” highlighting the biography and journey of the great writer and novelist Sabry Moussa, known for his outstanding and pioneering journalistic and creative achievements in the fields of short stories, novels, and screenplay writing for several important films in the history of Egyptian cinema, such as “Al-Bustagi,” “Al-Shaimaa,” “Qandeel Am Hashem,” “Qaher Al-Zalam,” “Raghbat Mammnoua,” and “Ayn Takhfoun Al-Shams,” in addition to his leadership in the field of travel literature.

As a culmination of his distinguished career, he received several awards, including the Encouragement State Award in Literature in 1974, the Republic’s Order of Sciences and Arts of the First Class for his short stories and novels in 1975, the Pegasus Award from America in 1978, the Republic’s Order of Sciences and Arts in 1992, the State Excellence Award in 1999, and the State Appreciation Award in Literature in 2003.

The forum will feature the participation of the prominent journalist Anas Al-Wajud Radwan (the wife of the late creative) and the distinguished journalist Ayman Al-Hakim, author of the book “Sabry Moussa… The Writing Magician… Biography, Papers, and Confessions.”

The salon is prepared and moderated by the journalist Tarek Al-Taher.

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