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USA denies responsibility for landing aid that caused Palestinian casualties in Gaza

Manal Abdel Fattah

US Central Command announced that it is aware of reports of Palestinian civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip as a result of humanitarian airdrops.

The Central Administration said in a statement distributed by the American Embassy in Cairo: “We express our sympathy to the families of the victims,” while denying that this aid was American.

The statement continued: “Contrary to some reports, this was not the result of US airdrops.”

The statement stated that at least 5 Palestinians were martyred, and 10 others were injured, on Friday, when aid packages fell on them by air in the Beach camp, west of Gaza City, according to what a journalist who witnessed the painful incident reported.

Muhammad Al-Sheikh, head of the emergency department at Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City, confirmed the death of 5 people in the accident, and indicated that some of those injured in the accident, who were transferred to Al-Shifa, are in serious condition.

The government media office in Gaza said that random airdrops of humanitarian aid caused the death of 5 Palestinians and several injuries when they fell on the heads of citizens as a result of the wrong landing.
The media office added that airdrops are ineffective and are not the best way to bring in aid.
He also indicated – in a statement – that part of this aid is located at sea, while another part is located near the separation fence or areas controlled by the occupation army, or within the occupied Palestinian territories.
Eyewitnesses reported that planes dropped a large number of aid boxes, but some of them did not open their parachutes properly, which led to them falling quickly on gatherings of Palestinians waiting to land.
According to witnesses, the boxes fell on Palestinian gatherings north of the Beach Camp, and on Al-Jalaa Street north of Gaza City.
Witnesses and Palestinian medical sources said that the fall of the boxes led to the death of a number of Palestinians and the injury of others while they were waiting for them to land, as they had become accustomed to during the past days.

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