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Barzani congratulates the Muslims of Kurdistan, Iraq and the world on the occasion of Ramadan

By Manal Abdel Fattah

In a statement on Sunday evening, Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani congratulated the Muslims of the Kurdistan region, Iraq, the region and the world on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan, asking God Almighty to accept everyone’s worship, fasting and obedience, and that the blessed month of Ramadan bring goodness and blessings.

The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, extended his warmest congratulations to all Muslims in Kurdistan, Iraq and the world, hoping that he will bring with him stability and reassurance and be a source of goodness, happiness and peace of mind for all.

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, also congratulated all Muslims in Kurdistan and the entire world on the Holy Month, wishing that it would arrive bringing with it breezes of goodness, blessing, happiness, peace and reassurance.
The official of the political office’s working body, Fadel Mirani, said that self-jihad in the month of Ramadan is a reminder for everyone with a sincere heart and heart to rise, endure, beautify and feel in a way that enhances humanity at its best, in brotherhood and giving, congratulating all those working for the sake of a free Kurdistan and Iraq. Prosperous Federal Democrat.

Sherko Habib, head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party office in Cairo, offered congratulations on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan to the Muslims of the world, especially the Muslims of Kurdistan, Iraq and Egypt, hoping that Ramadan this year would be a sign of peace and stability in the world after the region witnessed tensions and bloody clashes.

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