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Egypt’s Delegation Gives Marvelous Concert at World Youth Festival

By Manal abdel Fattah

The Egyptian delegation performed a marvelous artistic concert as part of their participation in the World Youth Festival held from March 1 to 7, in Sochi, Russia.
According to Sherif Gad, the vice head of the delegation and supervisor of the concert, the Egyptian performance took place over two consecutive days. The concert featured a diverse program, with singer and composer Mohamed Ezzat leading a group of singers in a variety of songs that rocked the stage, sending the crowd of young audiences from around the world into a frenzy of pure euphoria.

“On the first day, talented singer Farida Osama performed the song “Ya Habibty Ya Masr” by the poet Mohamed Hamza, and composer Baligh Hamdi. Shahd El-Noubi performed “Na’ana Al-Geneina”, a song from Upper Egypt’s folklore, while Ziad Al-Sayed performed the song “Ya Masarwa” written by the poet Shawqi Hijab and composed by Mohamed Ezzat. Shaima Al-Daoudi also presented a religious chant, and Mohamed Ezzat sang the song “The Bride”, written by Fouad Haddad. Moreover, Shorouk Khalifa performed a song in Russian titled “About the Far Homeland”.

The next day, the Egyptian delegation gave a classical ballet performance, featuring Maryam Salah El-Din, Sandra Nader, and Nathalie John,” said Gad.

He continued: “The ballet performance was accompanied by the song ‘Masr Hya Omi’, which was sung by Fatima El-Saeed and conducted by Maestro Nader Abbas. In the second performance, the procession of mummies was used as the background music, sung by Amira Selim. The dancers appeared in stunning Pharaonic costumes, designed by Dr. Fatima Marzouk, which captured the attention of the young audience from around the world who tuned in to watch the Egyptian ballet concert. Actually, the show was amazing.”
In turn, Dr. Abdullah El-Batash, the Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports, commended the artistic singing and ballet performance, noting that the show was highly appreciated by the Russian and international youth audiences as well.

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