Ayaa shabeb Afaf Radi said to “ El-Mawqa”, that There is no current song expressing Palestine

Translated by Ayaa shabeb

In the past, there have been many questions about the state of artistic inertia in the release of national songs in line with current events in Palestine, from brutal attacks by the Israeli enemy, as we used in the past from the singing arena, to reunite and ignite enthusiasm among Arabs and Egyptians, such as (Jerusalem will come back to us ,Zahret al-Madayn and El-helm Al Araby ), also she said “I publish national songs every day, on Facebook and Instagram, about Palestine, which I have sung before, and I have also played a play with the late artist Noor al-Sharif, entitled “Jerusalem will not fall,” which was full of songs expressing the cause, and to keep up with these events, such as “I will not leave.”

She added: The singing arena is used to the fact that the production of the national song is always at the initiative of the State and its various producers, such as radio and television, “My time is neither radio in action nor television”, and the artist alone cannot produce a national song, and the current producers will not be excited to produce a national song, because it has no market or sales.

She continued: “At the time the radio or television was preparing the project and sending it to us, we were singing without pay, but the state was bearing the production costs of filming, music and others, and there was someone standing on the project until it came out of the light, and now there is no one to support the singing, especially the national. “Radi” said: “Now there are no listening committees, no radio production, no television, everyone is neglected in the subject, no person to turn to, no reaction as if people were dead. What happens to the people of Gaza is a very sad thing, and the least is moral support, which is by all accounts a tragedy, and it was less a duty for the singing arena to exist with work that reaches everyone.

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