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The Norwegian Ambassador to Cairo confirms her country’s keenness to expand the frameworks of joint economic cooperation with Egypt

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Ambassador Hilde Klemtsdal, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Cairo, said that her country is keen to expand the frameworks of joint economic cooperation with Egypt, noting the interest of Norwegian companies in investing and expanding in the Egyptian market.

This came during her meeting with Dr. Mahmoud Esmat, Minister of the Public Business Sector, at the Ministry’s headquarters in the Administrative Capital, to discuss ways of joint cooperation and available investment opportunities, especially in the field of new and renewable energy within the framework of the Ministry’s plan to shift towards a green economy, reduce emissions, and comply with environmental requirements to access European markets and increase… Exports.
Dr. Esmat welcomed the ambassador, stressing the depth of relations between Egypt and Norway, and the aspiration to enhance joint cooperation between the two countries in various economic and industrial fields, and working to attract more Norwegian investments, pointing to the efforts that took place during the past months to support local and foreign investment.
During the meeting, ways to enhance cooperation between companies affiliated with the Ministry of Public Business Sector and Norwegian companies were discussed, as well as various investment opportunities in various sectors available for partnership of all kinds. Joint cooperation projects were discussed, especially in the field of renewable and clean energy, and follow-up on developments in the project to establish a solar energy station. With a capacity of 1 gigawatt to produce electricity for the Egypt Aluminum Complex in Nag Hammadi, in partnership with the Norwegian company SCATEC, within the framework of the general direction to enhance the transition to the green economy, diversify energy sources, and expand the use of new and renewable energies in producing electricity needed for industrial uses.
Dr. Mahmoud Esmat confirmed that the Ministry seeks to attract more investments, and the investment map has been prepared, which includes many opportunities in affiliated companies in various economic sectors and activities, stressing openness to partnership with the private sector in all possible ways, in a way that ensures making way for local and foreign private investment. To occupy its natural position in leading the national economy during the next stage, indicating in this regard that cooperation with Norwegian companies wishing to invest or expand in Egypt is welcomed as a gateway to the Middle East and African markets.

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