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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launches a campaign to invite expatriate Indians to visit their country

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Let’s Visit India for Overseas Indians’ campaign with the aim of engaging overseas Indians in promoting tourism in India.

According to a statement distributed by the Embassy of India in Cairo, the Let’s Visit India campaign for Indians living abroad aims to inspire Indian expatriates to become
Ambassadors for the India Wonderland campaign and promotion of tourism in India.

The campaign was launched on the clarion call of the Indian Prime Minister who asked each member of the Indian communities abroad to encourage at least 5 of his non-Indian friends to travel to India every year.

With over 30 million Indians living abroad, the Indian diaspora can serve as a powerful catalyst for Indian tourism, serving as ambassadors of Indian culture.

A special website has been created for this initiative, which will enable Indians living abroad to register and nominate friends and colleagues, making it easier for the Indian Ministry of Tourism to send them promotional materials.

In 2022, India welcomed more than 6.4 million foreign tourists. The Indian authorities expect to exceed this number, as the same number of tourists visited India during the period from January to September 2023.

The Indian government also launched the “Deco Apna Desh” initiative, which means “Know Your Country,” which aims to increase awareness among citizens about the richness of Indian heritage and culture and encourage Indians to tourism within the country.

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