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The Egyptian delegation participating in the World Youth Festival achieves impressive results

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Egyptian delegation participating in the activities of the 20th World Youth Festival in Sochi, in its 20th session, achieved impressive results. At the conclusion of the first phase of the festival, the delegation was able to participate in a positive manner witnessed by members of other delegations from Arab and European countries, as the presence of Egyptian youth in all areas attracted everyone’s attention. Websites related to the festival’s activities with Egyptian flags that were present everywhere within the festival’s corridors and in the open squares for youth gatherings of 20,000 participants representing 187 countries.

According to a statement issued by the Russian Cultural Center in Egypt, the Egyptian delegation, consisting of 126 young people, was named the Pharaohs’ Team, one of the most prominent delegations participating in the Sochi Festival, by participating in all various activities, raising Egyptian flags that spread remarkably.

The head of the Algerian delegation participating in the festival commented, saying, “When Egypt participates in any international forum, it imbues it with a special, distinguished, and positive spirit.”

The head of the Russian organizing committee for the festival also commented by saying that the Egyptians appeared from the first moments of the start of the World Youth Festival activities, as they spread out with Egyptian flags everywhere, chanting Egyptian songs in a beautiful spirit, which attracted everyone’s attention. Other delegations even began to interact with the Egyptian songs, and some of them began to do so. The same applies by holding gatherings by raising their country’s flags and chanting their songs after the Egyptians succeeded in attracting the attention of all the delegations participating in the festival.

Members of other delegations joined the Pharaohs team in chanting popular Egyptian songs, and it was an amazing thing when they sought to memorize Egyptian songs and chant them with the Pharaohs during the events.

For his part, Dr. Abdullah Al-Batash, head of the Egyptian delegation and Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports, stated that the participation plan had been drawn up in Cairo on the basis that Egyptians would be present in all the sites specified by the festival administration, so that the name of Egypt and the Egyptian flag would be present in these sites at the same time.

Al-Batash confirmed that the Egyptian youth succeeded with merit, stressing that the Pharaohs team was able to present a positive and honorable image of their country, and it was a wonderful thing to find this love, sympathy and solidarity with the Egyptian arts and with the Egyptian culture from all countries.

Sherif Gad, deputy head of the delegation and Secretary General of the Egyptian-Russian Friendship Society, also stated that the youth of Egypt distinguished themselves by participating in many cultural and sporting events and round table seminars in a distinguished manner. Participation also occurred between a group that participated with words or other groups that participated by asking many questions. A number of young Pharaohs also participated in the meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

Gad stressed that this amazing success of the young Pharaohs is not confirmed by us as the management of the Egyptian delegation, but what is nice is that this confirmation came unanimously from the heads of foreign delegations and the participants from all other countries.

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