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The Ambassadors of Finland and Colombia participate in an educational tour to celebrate International Women’s Day

By Manal Abdel Fattah

In celebration of International Women’s Day, and out of fulfillment of the spirit of empowering women for a brighter future, Al-Bayt magazine organized an exceptional educational tour that included a group of female students from the British University in Cairo and a number of ambassadors of foreign countries, with the participation of the Sanad Foundation for Women’s Support and under the banner of “vital voices,” one of the most important social institutions supporting women. Worldwide.

These tours reflect the spirit of solidarity and cooperation among women, with a focus on strengthening community ties. Following the example of similar tours around the world, where thousands of women come together in solidarity and participate in educational tours in hundreds of cities, with the aim of promoting equality and celebrating the power of positive guidance.

In this context, Thuraya Bahgat, founder of the “Sanad” organization, and Sawsan Murad, editor-in-chief of “Al-Bayt” magazine, led a distinguished educational tour of Muhammad Ali Citadel in Cairo, with the participation of the Finnish ambassador, the Colombian ambassador, and a representative of the American embassy, ​​which highlighted the importance of women’s leadership in Shaping our collective future.

During the tour, participants had the opportunity to explore various sites that reflect the rich history and culture of the Egyptian capital while engaging in meaningful conversations. Such as the Mazej Hotel, offering a new perspective on contemporary hospitality, as well as the Tamara House, where moral dialogue and networking continued.

Engineer Walid Arafa added depth to the experience by giving an enriching lecture to the participants about the city’s architectural heritage.

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