Ukraine: The Missile Attack on the Civilian Population in Odesa Confirms the Terrorist Nature of Putin’s Russia

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Ukraine said that Russia once again launched a missile attack on civilian infrastructure: the terrorist state seeks to kill as many Ukrainian civilians as possible.

On March 15, the Russian Air Force launched a ballistic missile attack on civilian infrastructure in Odesa: residential, commercialbuildings and transport were hit.
As a result, 14 people are known to have died and 46 wounded. These are preliminary data, as the wreckage removal continues and the number of victims is likely to increase.

The first Russian missile hit a private house. The Russians deliberately chose a civilian object as a target, and this is the best argument in favor of recognizing Russia as a terrorist state.

While the world community hesitates and calls for negotiations with the Russian Federation, Putin kills Ukrainians every day. If the West does not dispel illusion that Russia is a terrorist state, similar crimes will take place in Europe.
At the time of arrival of rescuers, Russia struck again – this is a deliberate terrorist tactic of the Kremlin.
After the first shelling, medics and rescuers arrived there. At that moment, the Air Force of the Russian Federation struck again – a paramedic and a rescuer were killed. This is a deliberate crime, which shows that the Russians are trying to inflict as heavy losses as possible on Ukraine.
Terror has become the usual weapon in Putin’s war, while his army has found itself in the middle of nowhere. The Russians bombard Ukraine with missiles and drones every day.
Odesa has become a target because it is relatively close to TOT: accordingly, the air defense of Ukraine cannot act quickly and intercept ballistics.
The tragedy of March 15 is the example of the criminal essence of Putin’s Russia and the true face of the “Russkiy mir”, which ruins and kills.
Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine confirm that Putin has become № 1 enemy for the entire civilized world.
Putin is preparing for a long war. Russian war correspondents and propagandists write that Russia should not stop in Ukraine. The threat to Moldova and the Baltic States is more than likely.
In 2021, no one believed that Russia could start a war of conquestin Ukraine. Not to believe in the Russian threat to Europe is to make the Third World War inevitable.
While the West delays the provision of long-range missiles, artillery shells and additional air defense systems, Ukrainians are paying with their lives for peace in European cities. If not to rethink the Russian threat, Putin will have plenty of time to prepare for the opening of a second front against Europe.
Now, calls for negotiations with the Russian Federation are like Hitler’s appeasement: in 1938, Europe made a fatal mistake. Now we are witnessing the same: if Europe does not act decisively, Putin will start a war which will result in a disaster for mankind.
Russia can be stopped only by force – the production of modern high-tech weapons is the key to saving Europe.
The tragedy in Odesa on March 15 shows that Putin understands only the language of force The rearmament and strengthening of Europe is the only option to prevent such crimes in the future.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine (ZSU) is the most experienced army in Europe in countering the Russian Federation in a full-scale war. If the Armed Forces have the necessary weapons, they will cause unacceptable losses to the Russian army, primarily by destroying critical military equipment.
The supply of additional air defense systems is the key to saving the lives of Ukrainian civilians. Such systems as Patriot, SAMP(T), IRIS-T are capable of shooting down many kinds of Russian missiles and will help prevent such tragedies in the future.
Replenishment of European arsenals with modern artillery, tanks, fighters, MLRS systems and long-range missiles is the best countermeasure to Putin’s territorial expansion. Only strengthening the military industry and increasing the production of weapons will protect Europe from Russian war crimes.

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